ERRE Technology S.r.l. (hereinafter the “Company”) is an engineering service company which applies to fields such as automotive, railway, aerospace, industrial sectors, which it mainly deals with the provision of a wide range of services dedicated to their customers; services that rangeem> (i) from style research on the product or particular, (ii) to the design of the same through the latest computer software, (iii) from validation of homologation tests , (iv) to the preparation of technical writings, all with constant attention to the production process improvement and maintenance, following the instructions provided by customers’ "project specifications".

The Company's mission is to pursue excellence in each operating area, improving consolidated skills and at the same time promoting a constant action of research and development, with focus both on technical know-how and on new business opportunities.

This goal is pursued by the Company contextually to customer’s satisfaction and to professional growth of employees and collaborators.

All of this can be achieved only through a common purpose and a uniformity of behavior by all of those who, in different ways, work for the Company: Shareholders, Employees, Partners and Suppliers.

The whole text of this Code is intended to apply in Italy but also - with suitable modifications to laws, standards of behavior, moral and religious principles and local customs - abroad, if the activity is carried out in foreign countries. We recall that the Company's organizational structure, productive interests and development lines led it to operate both in Italy and abroad and, therefore, it is possible that their employees are required to work, for adequate and variable periods of time, even out of the Italian operational area.

The purpose of this document is to define the general rules in the relationship between the Company and any person acting on behalf of the Company, in order to ensure uniformity of treatment and behavior and to prevent situations that can affect both the internal relations, and the relations between the Company and its custThe purpose of this code is also to indicate the behavioral guidelines that reflect the fundamental ethical principles that underpin the work of the Company and, in general, to make all those who for various reasons interact with the company that their actions and their behavior always have a fundamental and decisive impact on the company work, both in terms of image and of substance.

This document is an official tool to be used as a reference to ensure uniformity of behavior and treatment and to detect improper conducts liable to disciplinary sanctions.

This code is brought to the attention of all people involved in the most consonant way to the purpose, and it is subject to review and modification at any time by the company management, taking account of regulatory and legislative experience gained with its application and the contribution received from employees, contractors and third party entities.


The personal characteristics of each employee and collaborators, both from a human and professional point of view, contribute fundamentally to the success of the activities of ERRE Technology and, therefore, to the allocation of the value of the service provided to customers. Due to this fundamental and indisputable reason the customer should always be considered the central figure to which all the activity is oriented by ERRE Technology. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal to be achieved.

For this reason, whoever interacts with the customer for business purposes in the name and on behalf of the Company, will have to keep a constant morally and professionally irreproachable behavior, appropriate to the image and objectives that the Company has set itself and which must be achieved regardless of context, location, extent or nature.

a. Loyalty and Respect: the behavior of those who work on behalf of the Company must be ethically correct, marked by intellectual honesty, based on transparency, on respect for the rules of confidentiality and on the protection of the corporate assets of the Customer or a third party and in compliance of competition rules; it must always be respectful to co-workers, both top grades and subordinates. In addition, the employee must submit to the directives issued by the Company and must deal only with these, regarding the management and organization of activities, and the management of their labor relations, omitting to relate on this purpose with the customer and / or with parties outside the corporate structure of the Company (for example, the employee must only contact the Company to plan their holidays, to benefit from the permits and / or to exercise any rights arising from their employment relationship).

b. Discretion: the behavior must focus constantly on the attention to the culture and values of the organizations within which each of us operates - in order to preserve always the principles that govern them – and to the environment and the activities that take place there;

c. Dynamism: that is the constant attention and the ability to interpret the needs of change and improvement of ERRE Technology and its customers, as well as of all the external institutes with which it interacts;

d. Versatility: the ability and willingness to adapt to different situations and habitats in which everybody operates and the willingness to suggest alternative and creative solutions, taking inspiration from experience, even if apparently not related;

e. Tenacity: that is being focused on objectives, flexible in providing the service and in delivering and processing on set up timing;

f. Autonomy: that is the ability to operate based on knowledge and experience, but also on logical analysis skills, and to establish effective relationships with both colleagues and clients or with third party entities, always aiming to achieve the desired results, exploiting all the indications and information received in view of a continuous professional growth;

g. Flexibility: that is availability, inherent in the company, and its employees and collaborators, nature and to provide services on further projects, even if different from the Company first request.

ERRE Technology will not tolerate any conduct occurred internally and externally to its operative office, able to configure bullying or stalking against anyone acting on behalf of the Company, and is committed to take all the most appropriate measures to ensure that this does not happen in the Company.