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OUR VALUES ENERGY As well as sun, water and wind for mankind. Foundation of our existence. All sources of energy. Unlimited. Renewable. Clean. Energy is passion. For what we do. Enthusiasm. We work with it. Curiosity. Towards all kinds of innovation. Dedication. That we offer to each customer. Participation. That drives relationships and behaviors among colleagues. OUR VALUES RESILIENCE Surrender as a negation of our nature. Give up is not an option. Our way of being is not defined by the seriousness and the recurrence of falls but by the will and the will to get up, resume the journey, reach the finish line. Don't stop. Don't resign ourselves to the obvious. Because the race lasts a lifetime and the challenge, in the end, it is only with ourselves. OUR VALUES RESPECT Due and to be conquered, at the same time. A starting point. Nothing happens without it. Crucial in our world. It allowed us to be born. It allows us to grow. It will make possible to keep our feet firmly on the ground as we spread our wings towards the future. OUR VALUES EMPATHY They are, for us, a way of being, of existing. Contact. Connection. Sharing. Opening. Relationship with the other as a way to grow, to evolve, to improve. Look, outwards and inwards. A path illuminated by the light of reason and emotion, for the creation of shared ways towards planned and unexpected results.
you desire. we design.





ERRE Technology Group’s companies
ERRE LAB. Design Research. HMI & UX/UI. Ideas incubator. Training Academy. Strategic consulting. Marketing & content creation. Design.
ERRE PRO. Information & Communication Technology. Computer, Electrical and Electronic systems. Process engineering. 3D modeling and two-dimensional draws, finite element method analysis, crash simulations, validation testing, design of production lines, and assembling and welding of the body in white.
ERRE GES. Products and process design. Feasibility Studies. Technical Documentation. Project management. Standardization packages. Industrial consulting.
About us

In ERRE Technology Group we design desires. Even before our customers have imagined them. We build future and strive for a better world by putting people first. Always.

ERRE Technology Group is a Turin company founded in 2013, from the dream of an entrepreneur, Rosario Radice, to create a unique and agile business reality. Today we are a lively and active organization. Projects are proposed to customers through on-site support or in work package mode.

Our Technical Office and business processes comply with the high standards of OEM & Certifications in effect in Automotive field:
– Provision of product stylistic research and design services for engineering applied to the automotive, railway, aeronautical, industrial fields (UNI EN ISO: 9001:2015, document n. 2303)
– “Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to ex Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 “

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What we do

We have a passion for design and engineering consultancy and provide end-to-end projects. Concept Design, HMI, UX/UI, Prototype Engineering, Design Research, Computer, Electrical & Electronic Systems, ICT are just some of the areas in which we create innovation.

We love to call ourselves an atelier that creates tailor-made solutions. The projects are built ad hoc for each individual customer. A way of working in which we deeply believe and which allows us to be partners of brands of great allure and international prestige that come to us, certain of what we can guarantee.

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